Chef Gordon Ramsay on Masterclass - The Real Side Of Gordon We've Never Seen Before

If you haven’t heard the latest news in the world of cooking; about what’s being offered in the latest Masterclass? Then today is your lucky day! Now you’re asking yourself ‘Why’? This is where you’ll find useful facts you never knew, straight from Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen. He presents this masterclass in his own special way starting with an incredible introduction to first whet your appetite.

“This is a unique Masterclass because nothing disrupts my flow. That is why I can present it in a way not many viewers are used to; calm, friendly and controlled.” – Chef Ramsay

master class

The world-famous Michelin Star chef, who everyone knows from his TV shows as a hot-headed foul-mouthed host, has changed his approach for this presentation. This is where you’ll see the Gordon that his family know, kind and gentle. He wants to show and teach you his cooking style without being scary or nasty, obviously. Now’s your chance to tune into his kitchen approach and methods, so you can strive to be the best you can be.

What’s the added monetary value here?
Compared to the rest of the merchandise being sold by Gordon, this whole package is relatively cheaper and it’s also packed with brand new features. You’re definitely getting a chance to enjoy the best of Chef Ramsey for a song!

The New Year’s offer from Masterclass is especially amazing because once you enrol, you’ll be able to chat directly to Gordon about topics he discusses in the lectures. You’ll also be able to get critiqued on how you prepare food from the master himself and obviously how to improve and hone your skills. Last but not least is that this offer comes with a bonus - buy one get one free! Wonderful, right?

The guidance that Gordon gives on the course has developed the ability and love of cooking for hundreds of people and the course keeps on receiving praise from past participants. Ramsey’s ability to encourage his students whatever the challenge is legendary - the relationship he forms with his students edges them on to always give their best. Sometimes, no matter how good we are, we still need a professional guide to get us to the next skills level in life!

The MasterChef leads you to excellence in the most effective way
This amazing chef has been on centre stage in the cooking scene for a long time partly because of his notoriously ‘dirty’ mouth in front of the cameras. But this course is where he draws the line. His interaction with students is warm and caring but also firm and professional. He responds to questions asked by pupils directly, and during office hours (a new feature that’s now available). Try this course, even if it’s just to experience the ‘human’ side of Gordon Ramsey, it’s well worth it!

Don’t hesitate because there’s a lot to learn and time is running out! Register for the course now so you can become the expert you always knew you could be.

Even more good reasons to enrol:
Everyone who’s seen Gordon Ramsey on TV would agree that to see his human side would be an added bonus. This course is where the magic of Chef Ramsey comes to light. He encourages group involvement which adds much more value and understanding to the learning experience. For those students whose mother tongue is not English; and those who easily lose focus, there are subtitles that will help in this regard. Gordon is very patient with those who can’t keep up, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re also getting top quality audiovisuals so the last thing you have to concern yourself with is the presentation. We’ve heard that people who aren’t even interested in learning more about cooking, find his classes so absorbing they often end up glued to their screens for hours and hours!